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We believe technology is shaping the future of humanity - all made possible through advancements in electronics, but it takes people doing and being their best to make it happen. 

Whether it's advanced flight controls, smart surgical tools, intelligent vehicle charging or seamless automation connected everywhere, innovative technologies like these come from the minds of passionate, creative people - working to a common goal, watching out for one another, and caring about making a difference in the lives of people all over the world. 

Our passion?   Simplifying the development of complex electronics.  It's the reason we exist as an organisation. 

Our way of life?   Fostering a culture that values individuals as well as community and teamwork. 

For our customers?   We remove development barriers by offering a complete solution, featuring engineering and manufacturing technologies with the ability to sense, touch, control power and communicate with other things. 

For our employees?   We aspire to create professional opportunities - to help them achieve goals, contribute to the lives of others, and just be better together.