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Are you concerned about the reliability of your connectivity solutions?

Do you need help reducing the weight of your interconnect solutions?

Are your existing connector solutions difficult to use?

Is communicating with your current supplier frustrating?

Do you need to improve soldier mobility?

Are you looking for an innovative, easy-to-use connector solution?

Do you need to deliver increased power throughout your soldier-worn systems?

Experience Superior Connectivity With TT Electronics As Your Partner

Reduce Weight - Optimize the performance of your systems and reduce the limitations of using heavy difficult to use connectors.

Increase Reliability - Set your system up for peak performance in the harshest of environments by utilizing our ruggedized interconnect solutions.

Improve Mobility - Reduce the weight burden on our front line forces and unleash improved mobility through lightweight innovative connectivity.

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mag-Net® is a groundbreaking connector solution that provides incredible ease-of-use and reliability.

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Complete range of miniature threaded, push-pull and bayonet connectors

Explore MABAC


This product is a push-pull connector specifically designed for soldier-borne and man-portable defence applications.

Explore MIL-PP
Get a custom electronics solution for solider systems

You’re Responsible for Supplying Soldiers With The Connectivity Solutions They Depend On.

We Understand Failure is Not an Option.

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We understand that every ounce of equipment reduces mobility and makes it tougher for them to do their jobs

History of proven pedigree with circular push-pull connectors in soldiers systems

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Minimise the weight burden and experience a superior connectivity solution with TT Electronics

Today’s soldiers typically carry 55% of their own body weight in equipment, which is an unprecedented amount of weight making it more difficult to accomplish their mission. With TT Electronics as your connectivity partner, you’ll improve reliability, reduce risk, and make it easier for soldiers to do their jobs.

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Certifications & Regulatory Expertise

Certified to help you reach your goals with the highest quality custom aerospace & defence solutions.

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