Engineering Smarter Solutions Together

TT Electronics offers manufacturing solutions to deliver innovative products to market quickly and efficiently. We understand the commitment to satisfying your customers' needs as well as those of the shareholders.

We work with clients that want to optimise the supply chain and fulfill their rising customer demands. We design and manufacture products that are often mission-critical, operating in harsh environments, managing power, sensing, and connecting systems together. To learn more about our solutions and how we can solve your toughest electronics challenges from design through fulfillment, click on one of our dedicated processes to gather more information.

As a partner, your main activities can focus on R&D and product design while leaving manufacturing to us. We support you by remaining focused on producing sensing, power, and connectivity; all underpinned by our world-class global manufacturing.

At TT Electronics, we have 8 key manufacturing elements that deliver customer satisfaction, efficient processes and a reliable product outcome. You can be confident knowing you have an optimised supply chain giving you the ability to deliver your products on-time to meet customer demand.

We believe technology is shaping the future of humanity - all made possible through advancements in electronics, but it takes people doing and being their best to make it happen.

We see first-hand the evolution of the EMS industry and the critical role we play in the electronics value chain.

TT Electronics developed an entire global business process founded on the support of complex high-mix low-volume devices. We are inspired to help solve global electronics manufacturing challenges from design through fulfillment, for customers requiring support for their high-reliability products in high-mix low-volume markets. 


1. Engineering + Design

Engineering & Design Services

Our team of engineers are here to guide manufacturers and support through new product introductions. We support customers early in the design and development stages as part of our commitment to the production process.


Design is not a profit centre within TT, so most of the time our design support is offered simply in exchange for your ongoing commitment to production. We do not offer design services as a stand-alone service.

New Product Development 

Our New Product Introduction (NPI) program begins at the design for manufacturing stage. We utilise a PCB package software to create a digital rendering of the customer’s design to ensure the components on the bill of material match the pads on the PCB. TT Electronics recommended design guidelines are also shared with the customer which contributes to zero defect production runs.

We provide a bill of material (BOM) health management report for the customer’s design. It ensures that end of life or not recommended for new design components are not being designed into the product.

While other electronics manufacturing service providers outsource engineering and integration services, TT Electronics embeds them into our carefully designed NPI process, which is supported by our array of global certifications. We manufacture complex new products throughout the engineering, design, and prototyping processes.

Learn how manufacturers increase success rates through a precise NPI process.

Rapid Prototyping to Increase Proficiency in Design 

As part of our NPI process, rapid prototyping offers companies the opportunity to remain competitive by introducing new products to the market faster. Rapid prototyping can reduce the time between iterations and allow engineers to discover innovative ways of solving any engineering problems.

The process is based on iterations producing prototypes that become continuously tested and refined. This leads to the manufacturer's products being produced with high yields and assembled in a less costly, error-proof manner.


TT Electronics provides engineering experts from our global state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, to design extensive varieties of printed circuit board assemblies (PCBA) to your exact specifications, from simple designs to complex system integrations.

The size, layers and manufacturer requirements are then determined. An appropriately complex PCBA "blueprint" is then created to visualise and assess how the components relate and work together. This blueprint then serves as a reference file for further collaboration. State of the art software tools facilitate this process.

At TT Electronics, all of our global manufacturing facilities deploy the same software; which lends an extra layer of security for customers requiring seamless global product transitions. We share specific rules that are set up in the Valor MSS tool. This allows us to see customers CAD data and merge their materials, components list, etc. in order to build a virtual PCB. The tool enables us to see the manufacturer's components and to catch potential errors before assembly takes place.

Our tools perform multiple design rule checks on the PCB layout. The result is a virtual comparison of the BOM (Bill of Materials) to the CAD data. Knowledgeable engineers understand the PCB design process and can recommend design choices to balance functionality, usability, and reliability.

See How We Improve Product Design (DFx) with Analysis Tools

DFx (Design for Excellence/Design for Manufacturing)

Choosing the right manufacturing partner can differentiate a product in terms of quality even before the actual production process begins. Adopting DFx upfront as an integral part of the product development process produces higher quality products, lower product cost, and shorter product development cycles.

Is your product ready for manufacturing?

It is essential to design for manufacturability before the actual production process. As a result, you will procure efficient processes and a reliable product outcome. Exceptional engineering design practices start with careful consideration of the product requirements up-front to reduce or eliminate the delays and redesign costs.

There are always variables to consider, but with DFx (design for excellence) you have confidence that the products are reliable, testable, and have a faster time to market. All these variables equate to happier and satisfied customers.

TT Electronics has the experience to introduce DFx early to allow for improvements to be readily incorporated in the product design. With rising customer demands and the need to control costs, manufacturers need to partner with solution providers that offer industry expertise and experience.


2. Electronics Manufacturing + Integration

Electronics Manufacturing Integration

We focus on low-volume high-mix electronics manufacturing from printed circuit boards to higher-level assemblies.

PCB Assembly and Box Build System Integration

Are you able to consistently create high-quality printed circuit board assemblies? Do you have a robust supply chain to handle the demand?

Or would you prefer a turnkey integration solution?

TT Electronics understands it may be cost-prohibitive for you to build assembly lines for products requiring high-mix low-volume assembly. Or it might disrupt your other manufacturing lines. We provide extensive printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) capabilities and end-to-end solutions through full systems assembly and box build services.

The services will give you a streamlined process, save you time and money, resulting in a smoother, more effortless path to market. We have all the necessary capital equipment and processes to support your production needs and we can do this on a global basis in any one of our facilities. Every product shipped from our facilities will meet our customers' stringent order fulfillment and logistics demands.

Our flexible manufacturing environment - consisting of our floor layout and manufacturing lines, including our highly flexible surface mount technology (SMT) lines, and our ability to quickly changeover or adapt - is designed to produce high quality, high-mix low-volume output, in small batch sizes. Our manufacturing model is designed expressly for the unique needs of our customers.

From the product design phase to production, inspection, and testing, TT Electronics' team members maintain thorough, open communications with customers throughout the new product development process.

The commitment to our customers continues throughout the lifecycle of PCBs and throughout the years, forming lasting customer relationships and strategic business partnerships.

Global Manufacturing

Customers require more options, faster product cycles, and greater customisation. We take a customised and innovative approach to each customer project and adapt quickly to adjust to unique requirements from each.


3. Cable Harness + Interconnect

Cable Harness and Interconnect

From concept to finished and tested cable assemblies, TT Electronics provides comprehensive manufacturing of high-quality cable harness assemblies.


With expertise in cable design and on-site engineering support, TT Electronics produces conceptualised cable drawings from your project specifications. From simple cable design drawings to more complex engineering, our team of skilled engineers utilise a suite of design software platforms including AutoCAD and Inventor to produce original wire harness concepts specific to each unique application.

We can build to your existing drawing specifications, or partner with your team through the development of new designs. Our engineering team has experience developing projects involving sophisticated harness systems and interconnect solutions.

Ribbon Cables

Ribbon cables, sometimes called flat cable, are often used when space is a factor. The main characteristic of the cable is that it is flat and flexible and can hold many conductors.

Manufacturers can benefit from custom-made designs for their ribbon assembly requirements when outsourcing. TT Electronics offers in-depth experience and expertise when it comes to building custom designs for your ribbon cable specifications.


The main goal of overmolding is to create the best adhesion between the cable and a connector.

If your product needs a cable assembly with a long lifespan, withstand abrasion, and thrive in harsh environments, overmolding makes sense for your project. When designing an overmold, we customise the design to the exact specifications of the molding process.

Radio Frequency Identification

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) allows for any object to be identified wirelessly via transmitted radio waves. This technology can be used for a plethora of different uses, but the benefits are consistent throughout the industry.

RFID technology is being used to optimise supply chain across different industries. RFID tags are affixed to items to track them using an RFID reader and antenna.


Explore our Cable Harness & Interconnect Solutions



4. Testing Solutions According to Your Needs

Testing Solutions

Your product has unique requirements that demand unique solutions. That is why our testing of your product is done based on what serves your production best. We have extensive test capabilities throughout the organisation. From developing test strategy to designing test equipment, we have the engineering staff to support all your production test needs.

Test Development

Throughout the new product introduction stage, TT Electronics provides testing recommendations to accelerate the development and manufacturing process.

Our test strategies establish that the product is fully functional before it hits the market. We have mastered the design testing phase, so manufacturers have the confidence and minimised risk to bring the product to market quickly and efficiently.

Production Level Testing

In-circuit tests - A test to check the PCB for shorts, resistance, capacitance, and other qualities. Flying probe testing, often used in new product introduction and low volume applications have become more popular due to technology improvements that allow them to be precisely moved to where they are needed.

Flying probe testing - A solution for manufacturers working with smaller volume and where "fixed" test probe access is limited. Flying probes allow for easier modification of the test product when the PCBA design changes. It can also identify missing components. If the boards fail the test, they are sent to rework stations. The test is an essential tool in today's high-quality electronics manufacturing.

Functional testing - It happens during the production phase where we look at the entire product. Functional testing provides confirmation your product will perform in its environment.

Environmental Testing and Reliability Testing

We understand the difficulty in keeping up with rising customer demands and the need to find a partner that can help you build and test your products. The earlier in your manufacturing process you discover possible design and manufacturing weaknesses, the better you can lower your assembly costs, produce highly reliable products, and increased productivity.

TT Electronics understands the complex process of testing and provides extensive reliability testing for a variety of environmental and dynamic conditions. We perform tests on products where quality, security, confidence, and confidentiality are of the highest importance.

We specialise in:

Climatic, dynamic and combined environmental testing - A range of conditions, both natural and man-made, can be simulated under laboratory conditions to vary temperature (-80ºC to +300ºC). Our core competencies climatic testing such as salt spray, thermal shock and cycling, humidity, gas corrosion, hot and cold temperatures. Dynamic testing involves vibration, shock, bump, free fall, and impact.

Solvent resistance and fluid contamination - This testing is used to determine the suitability of materials and products to withstand the solvents and chemicals in your operating environments. Testing can be performed by different test methods, including immersion, spray, "wipe-on", and "occasional splash".

Ingress protection - This type of testing determines the level of protection provided by equipment enclosures against dust, accidental contact, and water. The protection offered by enclosures should include protection of persons against access to hazardous parts, protection of the equipment inside the enclosures to ingress of solid foreign objects and protection of equipment in the enclosures against harmful effects due to the ingress of water.

Investigative testing and microsections inspections - We offer a range of tests such as solvent resistance, solderability, micro-sectioning and visual analysis, flammability, and more.

Electrical and mechanical calibration service - Facilities are available for the calibration of electrical and mechanical instruments against references that are traceable to National Standards. Our calibration system meets the requirements of the approval bodies for TT Electronics' Testing Solutions (Abtest) facility. On-site and off-site calibration services are available, upon customer requirements.

HALT/HASS and ESS (Highly Accelerated Life Test/ Highly Accelerated Stress Screen and Environmental Stress Screening) - Accelerated testing methods allow manufacturers the opportunity to remain competitive by offering test recommendations in the design phase.

The goal of (ESS) and HALT/ HASS testing is to deliver the most reliable product possible to the customer. However, each method achieves the goal differently, depending on application-specific timescales and costs.

For some applications, particularly where the operational limits are already extreme, a different approach is taken. Here (ESS) is applied, in which the key difference is that the stresses applied are within the normal operating parameters of the product being tested. Continue reading, ESS (What is ESS testing / Burn-In).



Specialty Services

With our expert engineers and manufacturing processes, we can take your specific and, complex electronics needs and turn them into a reality. High quality electronics require a clean production environment and a controlled manufacturing process.

Clean Room Manufacturing to Prevent Harm

TT Electronics’ clean room provides a production environment with minimal pollutants, ensuring that sensitive electronics are not harmed during the manufacturing process. The equipment located within the clean room itself is specifically designed to emit minimal levels of air contamination. If you have electronics manufacturing needs requiring special care, TT Electronics can provide you with a powerful clean room solution.

Product Lifecycle Management to Avoid Costly Delays

Each year, thousands of individual parts and components are retired or become obsolete and are pulled from inventory globally. Part of our manufacturing process is to keep customers informed in advance of retiring parts and components, which means there is less of a need to re-design and re-engineer products.

Through our best-in-class component engineering management and global sourcing programs, we learn and plan for End of Life (EOL) notices before they impact manufacturing deadlines.

Coatings, Pottings & Encapsulations for the Toughest Environments

How tough do your electronics need to be?

In today's electronics, reliability trumps all. Every product we manufacture performs in a variety of complex, real-world situations. The goal is to bring you the best types of coatings with its respective application to meet your needs.

A conformal coating will enhance the protection of a PCB. This is particularly important when PCBs and their electronic components are subject to adverse conditions such as those found in aerospace and defence applications. Click the link below to continue reading about conformal coating.

Protecting the PCB is essential but protecting it with the right coating is critical.

When your electronics solutions need to perform in rugged environments, whether for aerospace, defence, medical, industrial or rail transportation industries, you can count on TT Electronics to deliver.


6. Global Supply Chain Management

Global Supply Chain Management

Global Sourcing

The optimisation of your global supply chain requires an EMS partner who has outstanding electronics supply chain management (SCM) and can bring your product to market efficiently. This means removing as much risk as possible by working with a leader who understands how to seamlessly integrate electronic components suppliers and speaks the language of engineers and international customs agents, so delivery avoids any import or export delays and is on time, every time.

We understand the pressure that comes along with needing to meet customer commitments, and the stress of being resource-constrained. Evaluating outsourcing options begins with knowing your core competencies. Once you completely understand that aspect, you'll be able to partner with a provider that offers more expertise and experience in other areas, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

How do you know an EMS Company is right for you?

Get the questions to ask before you choose an EMS provider

TT Electronics' secures millions of individual parts and components used in printed circuit board assemblies (PCBA), cable harnesses and complete integrations for our customers. From hard-to-find components to standardised parts, we identify options based on specific manufacturing needs.

Obsolescence Management

In addition to sourcing components for today, we are always identifying potential future challenges. Obsolescence management takes into account the life cycle of all of the complex moving pieces of your system and plans for their replacement as they age, before any supply challenges occur.

Each year thousands of individual parts and components are retired or become obsolete. Ultimately End of Life (EOL) notices cost product manufacturers millions of dollars in re-designed and re-engineered products, product delays and extra inventory sourcing and handling charges. TT Electronics has early insight into at-risk parts and can perform obsolescence risk analysis before a part has been discontinued.

Combat Counterfeit Electronic Components Through Prevention 

Supply chain excellence is important to us. We appreciate the landscape of industry standards that apply to counterfeit avoidance and detection. Our counterfeit avoidance processes are based on the emerging Industry Standard guidelines including IDEA-STD-1010-B, SAE AS5553, and SAE AS6081.

TT Electronics' is dedicated to helping prevent counterfeit devices from making their way onto assemblies. We procure parts from reliable sources and assure authenticity and conformance of the procured parts.

We authorise brokers to sign a Non-Franchised Supplier Document (NFSSD) for parts we buy from them. Our brokers have been physically audited to be sure they comply with our counterfeit avoidance needs. We require evidence that the parts are genuine including photos, samples, and test reports.


7. Fulfillment Services to Reduce Waste 

Fulfillment services can be essential if your warehouse capabilities are limited or you prefer not to deal with the logistics of shipping. TT Electronics can help you minimise the cost of ownership by providing fulfillment and after-market services in order to help manage your supply chain needs.

Distribution and Direct Fulfillment

We assemble PCBs and manufacture electronics to improve productivity and time to market. By having the assembly and manufacturing under one roof, shipping costs will improve by allowing us to ship directly to your customer.

This leaves time for manufacturers to stay focused on their skill and core competencies. Which leads to a greater experience and competence in the manufacturing process. TT Electronics' has the support systems to manage complex, highly regulated markets.

Bespoke Logistics

Shipping your product to its destination is the final step in the manufacturing process.

Your products need specific delivery solutions that meet your manufacturing requirements. These requirements range from order processing, to picking and packing, transportation, and shipping. Packaging can be a time consuming process and requires management of many moving parts.

Outsourcing delivery to a well-managed contract manufacturer like TT Electronics can therefore improve shipping and increase efficiency.

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

This system is ideal for companies that need to reduce inventory without the risk of going out of stock on their product. VMI reduces the need for customers to hold safety stock and may assist in cost savings. This type of inventory increases visibility to the manufacturer so that we can develop forecasting models.



After Market Services

FAA Certified Repair Station

FAA repair station certification is required for organisations that inspect, repair, replace or overhaul aviation systems. This certification allows us to better serve the aerospace market and demonstrate our commitment to our customers.

Depot Repair & Logistics

At TT Electronics, our dedication to our customers starts during the new product engineering and continues for years after the printed circuit board assemblies or integrated systems have left our facility.


After-market services are not the end. Repair and global logistics support are another example of the end-to-end solutions that TT Electronics provides our customers every day.

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The most important things we offer aren't manufactured.

We are optimised to create highly engineered and integrated products in a high-mix low-volume manufacturing environment. We take a customised and innovative approach to each project. We adapt to adjust to your unique requirements.