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TT Electronics is a global provider of design-led advanced electronics technologies for performance-critical applications in specialised markets.

We have transformed the Group over the last six years, realigning our business to structurally growing, higher-added value markets and substantially reducing our exposure to lower growth, cyclical areas. Our adjusted operating margin has evolved significantly through our focus on increasing the proportion of higher margin products in the portfolio, drop through from organic revenue growth, and restructuring and footprint rationalisation. We have made tangible progress towards delivering double digit operating margins in the future, supported by continued investment in R&D, and customer partnerships to bring higher growth, more sustainable products to market.

ESG and sustainability matters have also seen significantly greater focus and integration into decision-making and business practices. Our safety culture has matured through a focus on standards and safe behaviours so that our people are protected, and we are investing in growing skills and expertise at all levels of the organisation. Our ambitious environmental transition has led to a 41% reduction in Scope 1 & 2 emissions over the last two years.

We have positioned TT to deliver continuous value for stakeholders through:

  • Providing critical products and services that solve tough technology challenges
  • Continuous investment in R&D to support growth
  • Operating margin progression
  • Improving ROIC
  • Targeted, complementary M&A
  • Strong capital discipline
  • Focusing on employee safety and well being
  • Providing an inclusive and supportive work environment
  • Our commitment to social responsibility and ethical business practices
  • An ambitious environmental agenda
  • A progressive dividend policy